Wilcare Services develops and delivers bicycle training programs for a range of cycling activities which includes:

• Commuter cycling courses
• Leisure and fitness cycling education
• Recreational and practical cycling courses
• Training the trainer for school based bicycle programs
• Workplace cycling courses
• Mountain bike skills & leadership based programs

The training is provided for community groups, government authorities and the corporate sector.

Wilcare Services is currently contracted to the Victorian Department of Education and Training as the sole preferred provider of bicycle instructor accreditation for school based cycling programs.

This training is based on the Bike Ed resource designed for primary schools with an extension module for secondary school programs.

To contact us:
Phone: Maree 0414 447 456
Email:  maree@cyclingsafe.com.au
Phone: Steve 0405 827 385
Email:  steve@cyclingsafe.com.au
Fax: 03 8669 4126