Bicycle Education and the Curriculum
For Bicycle Education Instructor participants.

Participants are referred to the document “Victorian Curriculum F-10" which sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling.

Although Bicycle Education locates easily into the "Health & Physical Education" Learning Area, Traffic Safety Education - bicycle education - is an across the curriculum program. 

It would be useful to consider the way a cycling program can contribute to achieving some of the learning outcomes in the various strands at the levels relevant to the program.

Participants should also check the extent and nature of Traffic Safety Education programs in their school.

Useful Links

Department of Education and Training
State education authority. Details of DET programs, policies and issues.
(DET website)

State roads authority. Information on traffic safety education resources, road rules and initiatives for safe cycling on state roads.
(VicRoads website)

The Ride2School Program is a behaviour program which aims to increase the number of students walking and riding to school. Ride2School encourages healthy lifestyles by increasing students’ physical activity levels.
(Ride2School website)